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Bolsonaro and Iran

August 8, 2019 // Folha de São Paulo - Brazil - Portuguese

If Brazil deserved criticism when it was ruled by the Worker Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores) due to its friendly policy towards Iran, helping to play others’ war drums does not align with the country’s tradition, either.

Iranian Matches

July 30, 2019 // La Croix - France - French

Between sabotage and attacks, the Strait of Hormuz, through which one-third of the world’s oil is transported by sea, has become combustible.

Trump’s Bluster Diplomacy

July 13, 2019 // The Hankyoreh - S. Korea - English

It was not very long ago that Donald Trump was calling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “Little Rocket Man” and threatening to rain “fire and fury” down on North Korea. In response, Kim called Trump a “dotard” and promised an equally fiery attack on the United States. But now, two summits, the exchange of [Read more]

Iran and Trump: Uniquely Dysfunctional and Divided

July 13, 2019 // The Jordan Times - Jordan - English

Iran has “begun its march... towards nuclear weaponry”, said Israel’s Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, and that is technically correct. Only one year and sixty days after US President Donald Trump tore up the treaty that guaranteed Iran will not make nuclear weapons, Iran has taken a tiny step towards reviving its [Read more]
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