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Uncomfortable Neighbors

April 17, 2018 // El Pais - Colombia - Spanish

The radical positions of the president have favored Manuel Lopez Obrador, the populist and nationalist candidate who is leading in all the polls.

Trump on the 2018 Ballot

April 17, 2018 // La Cronica de hoy - Mexico - Spanish

Faced with [Trump's] actions and notions, it is not clear whether it is better to laugh, cry, or simply turn to prayer.

The Mess at Facebook

April 6, 2018 // Crónica (Mexico) - Mexico - Spanish

We are uncomfortable with the fact that corporations have so much information about us, but every day we feed them with the data we display on these platforms.

Walls and Destinies

April 5, 2018 // Excelsior - Mexico - Spanish

Resorting to walls is not new; the Great Wall of China is the most famous ...Today it is simply an impressive tourist attraction near Beijing.

A War Cabinet?

April 4, 2018 // La Razón, Mexico - Mexico - Spanish

[The] stage could be set for a war useful to a president with such questionable legitimacy.
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