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US-China Trade War: Implications and Ramifications

September 18, 2019 // Times of Oman - Oman - English

The imposition of new tariffs on Chinese goods by the United States serves as an important reminder of the ongoing US-China trade war. There are increasing concerns about the fate of this war that will have a defining impact on the United States’ enormous trade deficit and the stunted growth of the Chinese economy, [Read more]

The Pointless War

September 2, 2019 // El País - Colombia - Spanish

It is an eye for an eye that threatens to reverse decades of efforts to build the globalization of trade and the exchange of goods and services among all nations of the world.

‘Chosen One’ Fights 2 Enemies

August 30, 2019 // The Standard - Hong Kong - English

If US President Donald Trump is the "chosen one" - as he proclaims - what could he have been chosen for? He's absolutely a cause of grave concern, as much as the Amazon rainforest fire endangering the world's environment. Probably realizing he's not the Messiah, Trump later corrected himself to say it was meant [Read more]

The Trump Factor and Financial Markets

August 20, 2019 // Le Temps - Switzerland - French

<i>Donald Trump’s tweets have triggered the recent collapse in financial markets. Even if the stock markets usually ride out periods of unpredictability, a new step has been taken as the U.S. president is poised ever-ready to draw his sword.</i> It’s well known that financial analysts are an easy target. But [Read more]
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