'Great Satan's' Overture to Iran Sure to Backfire

The “Great Satan” invites “axis of evil” member for negotiations … But can’t figure out how, where and most importantly … why?!

When Washington started its recent diplomatic campaign against Iran, an old friend of mine (who deals in politics and follows current events) said to me: “I will cut off my arm if Washington forces an embargo, imposes sanctions or strikes Iran!?”

I didn’t pay any particular attention to what my friend said, but now I remember every word and have started to look for the truth of what he said.

Washington’s invitation to Iran to start negotiations concerning Iraq pushes us to review and reconsider everything now taking place around us in the region … We know that Tehran supported the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, and for many reasons was happy for the invasion and occupation of Iraq … But we didn’t know that there were secret channels between Tehran and Washington, and that there are (under the table) contacts which have at certain points compromised over Iraq’s unity and people.

A few days ago, President Bush appeared on satellite television channels threatening Iran, asked its leaders not to meddle in Iraq’s internal affairs, accusing them of creating disorder and chaos for Iraq’s security. Then suddenly, the U.S. administration invites Iran to negotiate about the Iraq situation, after three years of a war of choice selected by the adventurous warmonger. Now this same man is looking for an escape to save face, after the war turned into a nightmare … a nightmare that worries the inhabitants of the White House.

President Bush wants a compromise with Tehran’s rulers, who have welcomed the invitation and consider it a historic chance to shake off Western pressure and finally put a stop to the campaign led by the United States against “Iran’s nuclear file.”

These events confirm that the interests of Iran and the U.S., which have collided before, have this time colluded in Iraq. The Americans are struggling in the Iraqi swamp, where the results have been contrary to the hopes of the Bush’s Administration and its hawks, along with their Iraqi collaborators; now they want to save whatever they can. Meanwhile, Tehran, which is already benefiting from “Iraq’s occupation,” considers U.S. forces in Iraq as their own hostages, since agitating the pro-Iran Iraqi Street would turn the South [of Iraq] into a burning inferno under the feet of the invading armies.

Washington understands this truth just as well as Tehran does. The American invitation for dialogue comes on the third anniversary of the occupation, as the situation is deteriorating, as the resistance is increasing and as fears are spreading over the eruption of what would be an uncontrollable civil war.

Washington wants to pull out with a minimum of damage … even if the price is to flirt with Tehran. But the U.S. administration has not necessarily gotten what it bargained for by knocking at that door, because negotiating with Iran will incite the feelings of Arab Iraqis; Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. These negotiations will surely cause an explosion of anger amongst all Iraqis except those who are pro-Iran. By doing this, Washington will be in a worse position then when it started.

As a conclusion we ask: Does the United States as an occupying power, have the right to negotiate with Iran concerning Iraq’s cause and people??

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