Iran Should Beware: President Bush is Not a Spent Force

SOME regimes, such as those in Syria and Iran, are stalling for time hoping to escape their responsibilities and avoid complying with the international community’s demands. They are waiting for the terms of leading political figures, especially those in the United States, to end. These regimes are happy to see President Bush’s popularity take such a beating and continue to drop. They believe President Bush has been defeated and that his policies have lost the support of the American people and the rest of the world.

The leaders of these regimes claim that the U.S. President is incapable of dealing with the numerous crises in the Middle East, that his administration is stuck in quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that he is helpless to act against mischievous regimes in the region.

Such miscalculation and speculation always misleads people and is a waste of time. The reduction of President Bush’s popularity is strictly an internal affair for the United States, and should not be construed to mean that his hands are tied in regard to Iran’s nuclear program, or any other issue. All of us know that if President Bush wants to use the military option against Iran, he will tap the Zionist lobby, which will cause his popularity to skyrocket. We should all be aware that when President Bush takes a decision, he does so in light of American views and interests and nothing else.

Regimes that base their calculations on the slide in President ‘s poll ratings will lose in the end, because the decisions made by leaders of powerful countries are always based on national security and the economic interests of their nations. Those who are excited by Iran’s challenge to the United States don’t understand the danger Teheran faces. The regimes which are stalling for time should realize that the United States doesn’t exercise the military option on its own. Rather, it usually acts along with the interests of others, often in confidence.

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