Obama, That Untrue Hope

Arabs gossiped too much about Obama since he was the elected leader in the White House. They talked about his qualities and personality, smelled his African “fragrance” and felt that he is, though a Christian, a brother in Islam. In fact, he deceived those who were green and naïve enough to think that peace will be achieved in his administration. So they came to a conclusion that the world is approaching the demise of the pitfalls and difficulties.

They are always optimistic and have nothing to do with scrutinizing things, and do not have the vision to check the right thing. Their good intentions is very high, and even keep themselves from adopting pessimistic view points.

To tell the truth, Bush packed a punch for them unlike former U.S. presidents. But those naïve people have had their hopes crushed, looking to the future in absolute optimism regarding their problems. For example, the major regional issue of Palestine has been usurped, through a continuous wounds caused by Israel that has been allied by the United States. However, hearts are overflowed with goodness, even in broken promises. Thus, as Obama who sits on the throne of the White House, they think that he must not forget that he is son of a Muslim who immigrated from the third world and is also of black descent. It is certainly clear that he is an advocate for their plight, or at least will not let any misfortune happen to them.

On the other hand, people have forgotten or ignored that the Zionist lobby controls the United States of America and its policy makers, judging from its perspectives on all global issues. That African would not have been allowed to come into office or even be elected if he was not aware of those facts before.

The Zionist lobby has long ago built a coherent network of tools linked together to every power decisino maker, and has not intention to retreat or hesitate as it is capable of making decisions. So Obama was put into the Oval Office, and obviously has to pay them back this favor, or has to shut up and obey orders, carrying out what is dictated.

Rahm Emanuel is the person who decided to be the chief of staff at the White House, and of course is in charge of all instructions addressed to the new president. Also, he is Jewish and of Israeli descendant. His views are known towards the Middle East issues as he was the political adviser to former President Bill Clinton.

Rahm Emmanuel’s Israeli father was born in Jerusalem and was a militant in the Zionist Irgun militia that was active before the British Mandate over Palestine. Also, Rham Emanuel served as a civilian volunteer in an Israeli army base during the first Gulf War in 1991, as well as being the only Democratic member of the state of Illinois in Congress to have voted for the Iraq war in 2003″(1).

To tell the truth, these sorts of identifications are honorable and he has a familial past that is noteworthy. Those were the credentials that made him eligible to gain the necessary confidence to be appointed to this sensitive post. He has received his religious education on the foundations of Zionist Judaism at the hands of his religious parents and spent his vacation in Israeli camps when he was a child in order to shape his personality and to deepen the elements of his identity (2). Actually, those efforts did not go in vain but reflected a consistent reference to him and a commitment to all its details. He is sending his children to a Hebrew school, and did not allow himself to work on any of the Jewish holidays, Rosh Hashanah [which literally means “first of the year.”] until he takes the advisory opinion from a rabbi who gave him the green light to do so(3).

His brothers in religion in Israel did not forget the importance of selecting their brother, giving him a high valued rank and celebrating him at the same time.

“This is not surprising that the Israeli media has detailed this piece of news to talk about Emmanuel, emphasizing his Israeli origin. According to the “Haaretz” newspaper in an article dated November 6th of last year, Benjamin Emmanuel, who is Rahm’s father, immigrated with his family in the sixties to the United States and resided in Chicago. In 1997, Emmanuel did his military service for a short time in Israel, according to “Haaretz.” In that period before the Gulf War in 1991, he volunteered in the Israeli army’s recruitment Office. He served for two months in a unit assigned to fixing armor vehicles located in the northern border near Lebanon (4).

It is this kind of celebrating that reflects the pride towards this person, and also shows the depth of realizing this post’s importance. To this end, “Maariv” described Rham Emanuel as “our man in the White House,” as evident by the article’s title( 5).

In winning that place among the American presidential system: “It is noteworthy that the White House chief of staff is the most important employee among them and serves as one of the president’s closest advisers who can also decide who meets with the president. Notwithstanding that, he develops management policies”( 6) .

Like Father Like Son

Rahm’s father, Benjamin Emmanuel, showed more awareness of the high rank his son has assumed. He had been described as saying:

“Of course, he will affect the direction of the presidential decisions in favor of Israel!! Why not? What does he think his son is? Is he an Arab? No, He will not go to the White House to clean up the floors”( 7) .

He is very self-confident, assertive, proud, has contempt for the Arabs, brilliant insight and is clever at advance planning and careful organizing.

Undoubtedly, the right person in the right place. President Obama is just a tool placed in order to reach those goals and complete the implementation of the plan.

So it seems that dark, despite the situation we desired to illuminate. A president who went through elections until he received the blessing of the Zionist lobby; such as the visit paid to the Wailing Wall, not to mention the lobby individuals planted around the president.

Are there still some fragments of optimism that can be a hope for those Arabs, those “optimists”???


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Issue no. 189 the Arab weekly newspaper.

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