Operation Geronimo

If Geronimo’s scalping was considered false, who can guarantee that Bin Liden himself was killed inside the Pakistani mansion?

Why did the military action that killed Bin Laden deserve the name Operation Geronimo? In 1918 Prescott Bush started the student organization “Skull and Bones.”* Challenged by colleagues, the group invaded an Apache cemetery, robbed a tombstone removing the scalp of the legendary Geronimo.

Landowner in Texas, Prescott became a successful businessman of a petroleum company and close friend of John Foster Dulles** who led the CIA during the time of JFK’s assassination in 1963. Dulles persuaded his friend to make a noble gesture and return Geronimo’s scalp to the Apaches. Bush agreed but it did not take long for the indigenous people to realize that the restored relic was a fake.

The friendship with Dulles guaranteed Prescott’s eldest son, George H.W. Bush, a job as a CIA agent. In 1961, George focused on coordinating the invasion of the Bay of Pigs in Cuba in order to attempt to overthrow the regime established by the guerrillas of the Sierra Maestra. Despite his failure at the Bay of Pigs, George became the director of the CIA in 1976.

Saddened just as 007 was by the poor performance of his first-born son, Prescott Bush consoled himself with the success of his petroleum business. Prescott Bush applauded the business flair of his son George when in the mid-1960s, George befriended an Arab contractor, Muhammad bin Laden, who frequently traveled to Texas. In 1968, while flying over Bush’s petroleum wells in Texas, bin Laden died in a plane crash in Texas. Family ties, however, were already created.

George Bush did not mourn his friend’s death. He was very worried about his son’s academic failures. George W. Bush’s GPA was only in the mid-C’s. The Vietnam War was looming and to prevent his son from being drafted, George tried to enlist him in the National Guard’s air force.

In the mid 70s, Papa George encouraged his son to form his own petroleum company “The Energy Shrub” (Bush in English). Thanks to the international contacts his father maintained since his days in the CIA, George Jr. looked for investments from Khaled bin Mafouz and Salem bin Laden, the oldest of 52 children fathered by the then-dead Muhammad.

Mafouz was a banker from the royal Saudi family and was married to one of Salem’s sisters. These family links permitted Mafouz to become President of Blessed Relief, an Arabic community organization that worked with one of the two brothers of Salem, Osama bin Laden.

In Dec. 1979, George Bush traveled to Paris to meet with Republicans and moderate supporters of Khomeini at the U.S. embassy to negotiate the release of 64 American hostages held since November in Tehran. They tried to avoid giving Jimmy Carter credit for the release and thus undermine the presidential claims of Ronald Reagan. Papa George made the trip all the way to the French capital to board Salem bin Laden’s jet which facilitated his contact with the Islamic world. (In 1988, Salem died just as his father did in an airplane crash.)

During that same year, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. Father George, who coordinated the CIA’s actions, appealed to Osama, one of Salem’s two brothers, to allow the United States to infiltrate Afghanistan under the supervision of the CIA to strengthen the Afghan resistance against the communist invaders.

Italian analyst Francesco Piccioni has data about these events. More details can be found in the book “A Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the making of an American President” by Steve Hatfield.

In 1979, George Bush Sr., who was then director of the CIA, transferred Osama, who was already 23 years old, to Afghanistan to supervise the allocation of funds designated for the agency’s secret operations against the Soviet invasion. The U.S. government released $2 billion to the CIA over concern about the Moscow offensive, the highest allocation of funds for an assignment in only one country in history.

When President George W. Bush declared after Sept. 11 the unlawful use of privileged information a terrorist crime, he knew what he was doing. Thanks to this information, all signs indicated that Osama bin Laden established his terrorist web all over the world by funds obtained through money laundering.

Maybe Freud could explain a thing or two about the hidden weapons used by the terrorists on Sept. 11 airplanes. Osama bin Laden’s father and eldest brother both died in airplane accidents in the United States. If Geronimo’s scalping was false, who can guarantee that Bin Laden himself was killed in the Pakistani mansion?

Wouldn’t it have been more useful to capture bin Laden alive and force him to reveal everything he knows about al-Qaida? We can’t rule out the possibility that in some American airport, bin Laden is being tortured to reveal all he knows. Afterward, they could simply utilize the “Argentinean solution” of dumping the body in the ocean. Perhaps you will find the remains of the body floating on some beach, with deep scars from the sea fish.

*Editor’s note: Skull and Bones was founded in 1832. Prescott Bush entered Yale in 1913.

**Editor’s note: John Foster Dulles’ brother, Allan Dulles, was Director of the CIA at the time of the Bay of Pigs invasion.

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