A Veto War Rages Between the East and West

Once again, the superpowers are demonstrating that their own interests and power govern humanity today. The speeches about human development and UN charters of human rights are all infernal verbal formulations. They emerge in the minds of politicians and leaders of the majority in order to guarantee the same legal and ethical protections that they’ve used to prey on the weak and plunder their wealth, oil and resources. The victims can no more defend themselves than ewes can from hyenas.

Yet for the first time in history, one can witness the UN Security Council using both Russia and China to simultaneously veto in support of Syria. They continue to utilize the same veto power to preempt any Western intervention from happening in Syria for the benefit of the West and Israel. In practice, Russia and China stand in the same position as the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hezbollah in their alliance with Damascus. In practice, India, Brazil and South Africa chose to take a similar position, but for different reasons. Yet what unites the causes of the three countries are their ambitions of gaining a permanent seat on the Security Council. They believe that it would be useful for them to lead the angry and disadvantaged groups against the continuous hostile colonization by the West of the United States.

Western countries, which employ their wicked and lasting veto, see that these forces have already been challenged without these countries being politically or economically strong enough to bribe or subject emerging countries. In the attacking of Iraq and Libya, as well as the division of Sudan, the world began to witness the fragile balance of terror returning to a war scenario. But this time, it is coming from many strong poles, not only from two.

The anger with Russia stems from the lack of consultation and consideration of their opinion as a partner on the same level of international standing concerning various issues regarding Libya, Sudan, Yemen, the Ivory Coast and Syria.

Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, further announced with the minister who spoke on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly that he opposes the European countries’ decision to impose European sanctions on Syria without taking, consulting with or even being informed of Russia’s opinion.

America and the West coordinate the world. They did not consider the position of Russia and China using their veto in the face of the West’s decision, which made them back away from the option to directly intervene or to show support for Turkey leading a intervention. What is new is not what is happening in Syria, but that America and its allies announce in this great speech about the practices of Israel against the Palestinian people. The U.S. veto should stop helping only Israel, supporting the oppression of the Palestinian people, destroying Gaza and Lebanon and fragmenting Libya and Iraq. All of this prevents the Security Council from simply blaming the aggressor rather than equating the aggressor with the victim. Did the U.S. not threaten to veto the participation of Palestine in the United Nations just weeks ago? Is that not a double standard? Did they not threaten to withhold UNESCO funds while objecting to accepting Palestine as a member?

In a veiled reference to Moscow and Beijing, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said after the veto of China and Russia: “The courageous people of Syria can now clearly see who on this council supports their yearning for liberty and universal human rights and who does not.”

Therefore, the United States should remember the words of Susan Rice when they veto to thwart the admission of the State of Palestine into the United Nations. Then the courageous Palestinian people will see who in this Council supports the desire for freedom and human rights and who is a lying hypocrite that does not. As you can see, they are still governed by the law of the jungle, despite all the laws and charters of human rights under which the strong eat the weak when given the opportunity.

America has vetoed all decisions which condemn Israel since its establishment. So weep for the Syrian people’s loss of freedom. It will not take many springs, only months. Their efforts will achieve their demands while the Palestinian people have been waiting for justice since 1948. They have been massacred and killed. Their homes have been destroyed on the very heads of their owners and on entire families in Gaza. You will not hear so much as a word about this.

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