Washington Will Not Apologize

German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not expect to receive an apology from U.S. President Barack Obama for spying on its Western allies — on her own cell phone no less. At their meeting in the White House, which attempted to preempt the media’s analysis, their press conference came to the conclusion that there is still much in dispute.

Obama and Merkel both acknowledged that they disagree. The U.S. president said that there is no general consensus regarding the prohibiting of espionage on another country, even a close ally, and stressed that the United States is working to make sure that there are no “misunderstandings” with the Europeans.

It is no wonder that the United States refuses to publicly apologize for its blatant interference in the affairs of its allies. The U.S. has reached an unprecedented level of espionage on Western leaders who in fact have continued to support their policies and who have facilitated interference with other countries as well.

But even more remarkably, these countries which claim to be great and sovereign, such as Germany, allow for such a farce and let the Americans hold a sword to their leadership’s throats. They fail to detect American spyware, and when it is revealed by a third party, they fail to react proportionally and [instead] believe that alliances come first, sovereignty second.

Washington does not apologize to allies or enemies. “Israel” is the sole exception, which has received apologies and “clarifications” by the administration concerning the settlement process, Israeli culpability and warnings of its transformation into a racist state, not unlike Washington decades ago.

They operate simply on principles of brute force and definitions like “rogue state” which only serve to stigmatize every country hostile to their policies. They banter around the phrase “World War III” as a weapon to gain allies and supporters in other countries. They employ “human rights” only to intervene in other states and use international law to violate universal rights and extend their hegemony over people. For this reason, the United States acts as a spearhead against the legitimate rights of the people and their liberation from traditional and modern colonialism.

An apology from Washington should entail the total condemnation of its heinous crimes. Only this will lead to the opening of the United States’ thousands of documents implicating the administration, concerning crimes which go far beyond the enormity of spying on allies. But do not expect to hear any regret or apology, rather only the repugnant justification for the policies pursued by this administration in international affairs.

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