The Flocking of the Hawks

Representatives of NATO, the largest military block—as they themselves refer to it; an aggressive pact, which normally gets hushed up, but is apparent from its activities—held a session late last week. Secretary General Rasmussen, who through his appearance and behavior makes known that he is no nice, fairy-tale grandpa, once again had an extensive platform for spluttering at “that evil Russia” and a huge media opening for scaring people with the “Russian threat.” Even enthusiastic reporters in eyeglasses announced from Wales, “No matter what happens in Ukraine, NATO stands behind Ukraine.”

Seriously? So, if fans of the fascist Svoboda Party or Right Sector settle scores with their opponents using overt violence, then we, that is NATO, will support them? Let’s take a good look at the dramatic experiences Dr. Čestmír Kubát personally participated in during an ongoing trial against the Communist Party of Ukraine, which the European Union, NATO and the U.S. want to liquidate in this manner!

There’s silence about the fact that former American military intelligence officers sent an open letter last week to “their” Chancellor Angela Merkel, warning that Rasmussen, then Danish prime minister, was hawk number one when he lied about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. The result was the American invasion and a war that incurred unimaginable expenditures and human loss; the quandary culminated in the ruin of the whole country and its militant Islamists breaking loose from the chain. Now NATO, along with its strategist Rasmussen, is racking its brains out over how to halt their conduct.

Those intelligence officials also warned Merkel that pertinent evidence of a supposed Russian military presence in eastern Ukraine doesn’t exist, and another disgrace could come of it.

We didn’t learn that from mainstream media, even though something still gets through here and there—in spite of an array of experts who don’t spit hard enough at Putin being deliberately eliminated—such as when the Czech army’s former Chief of Staff Štefka admits that Ukraine’s coup-government Prime Minister Yatsenyuk is escalating the situation, or when military analyst Štefec admits that Russia is protecting its “soft underbelly” by annexing Crimea. Then, only in passing, do we find out that one million refugees have already fled eastern Ukraine—and to Russia, at that. Why not to the west of their own country, if it’s so nice there? Ukrainian workers in the Czech Republic don’t want to enlist in the army and can’t go back home. Why, if there’s such a fabulous government there with so many advocates around the world?

Another example is when our citizens, who are Europeans and members of the EU, want to address the whole matter, the Prague institution European Home —which is supposed to connect EU organs with us citizens — refuses to provide those engaged people the space for a press conference on European topics.

Just as NATO doesn’t ask me—and no one asked me if I wanted to join this military pact—neither does the EU apparently need citizens who ask questions and think.

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