Regardless of Who Is Elected, Preventing Economic Downturn Will Be Difficult

It is evident that, through the free-for-all battles between the presumptive presidential candidates from the U.S. Democratic and Republican parties, politicians’ interests and focus are not on reviving the weak economy, nor are they on voters’ concerns and discussions on the candidates’ economic programs. In order to be eye-catching, the candidates are tooting their own horns, putting aside everything related to democracy and the economy. Voters are not comparing who will bring forth economic development, but are watching the candidates’ image and eloquence instead. Against this backdrop, the candidates are even more reckless with their blusters and abuses, making themselves out as saviors. With a president elected against this type of free-for-all backdrop, regardless of who is elected, preventing an economic downturn will be difficult.

In order to gain voters’ support, politicians make endless empty promises. Ignoring the enormous $20 trillion debt Washington bears and also disregarding their own and the U.S.’s capabilities, they would declare plans to punish a country one day while stating plans to sanction another regime the next. With the flattery from politicians, Americans have become accustomed to the superior elitist lifestyle. After the election, the U.S. president will hold tremendous power but will accomplish nothing, like former President George W. Bush, who utilized faulty intelligence and made wrong decisions, running up national debt, causing the economy to fall into a crisis and ultimately leaving voters to deal with the consequences, without him or anyone else assuming accountability. Therefore, it is impossible for a president elected from a free-for-all to revive the economy.

Trump ‘Deteriorates’ Civility

In order to gain votes, Donald Trump disregarded the tremendous debt Washington bears and publicly declared, without considering the consequences, that he would cut taxes significantly if he were elected. This shows Trump’s lack of knowledge on the U.S. economic crisis and his extreme lack of responsibility for the U.S. In order to embarrass another presidential candidate, Trump posted on the Internet a picture of Ted Cruz’s wife grimacing. The anti-Trump folks retaliated and showed a nude photo of Trump’s wife to the public with the caption, “Meet Melania Trump, your next first lady.” The mutual abuses have deteriorated the civility of a solemn presidential election. This type of presidential primary has given not only the U.S. but also the world a crooked image of civility.

The shouting matches between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have already become the focus of the election of the century. The candidates are unrestrained and candid, exposing and blaming each other, but they are not competing over an economic recovery strategy. Clinton attacked Trump for his lack of knowledge on managing a country and diplomacy, for knowing nothing about the operations within the White House, and for being unqualified to be president. Trump revealed that many American politicians, Clinton included, have received donations from him. Trump continues to hound Clinton with the “email controversy” and her deciding to “go home and sleep” on the night of the Benghazi tragedy. During a speech, Trump announced that Clinton’s actions were criminal, and her becoming the nominee would be the nation’s sorrow. For votes, politicians have forgone the most basic image.

Clinton ‘Twisting’ Democracy

Hillary Clinton could not come up with a prescription for treating the U.S. economy, but for votes, she dared to declare that if she were elected she would punish China. Clinton boasted that she had “gone toe-to-toe with China’s top leaders on some of the toughest issues,” from cyberattacks and human rights to climate change and trade practices. “They know that if I’m president, the games are going to end,” and the U.S. will once and for all receive equal treatment, otherwise the Chinese would not be let into the American markets. Clinton’s punishing China has led to amusement from the international media. People have asked — given that Beijing, as the biggest creditor of the U.S., can initiate an economic crisis in the U.S. by merely implying that they are ready to throw out American bonds — what can Clinton do to punish China?

This was not Clinton’s first time attacking China. Criticizing China is Clinton’s specialty, or perhaps her nature. Not criticizing China would lose her political capital and would diminish the impact of her attack for presidency. Clinton hopes to convince voters of her ability to influence China by her service as the U.S. secretary of state and to gain the trust of the American people through criticizing China, but it has proved counterproductive. Throughout her speeches, Clinton has exhausted topics like human rights, democracy and freedom to attack her opponents and to criticize other countries. There was not a single mention of economic recovery. This highlights the American democracy already distorted by this arrogant candidate and clearly shows that if she is elected, an economic downturn in the U.S. will be inevitable.

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