US Repeats Support for India’s Inclusion in Nuclear Suppliers Group

The spokesperson for the U.S. State Department once again expressed support for India’s inclusion in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, and tried to make the case that India was ready to join the nuclear club because of its observance of the requirements of international laws with respect to missile technology. However, just a few days ago, the U.S. Congress opposed India’s membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, holding it to be an irresponsible country.

America’s bias in favor of India is not a hidden matter: It is the reason behind the widespread comments describing Pakistan’s nuclear program as a problem for the whole world.

Pakistan, too, is a candidate for membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group. It possesses the requisite essential nuclear infrastructure and expertise. Pakistan has always avoided participating in an arms race; however, it is forced to take potential steps required to remain ready to defend its national security and the country as a whole. Even so, it has demonstrated greater responsibility up to now.

Applications from Pakistan and India to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group need to be examined objectively in an unbiased manner. Patronizing India selectively for inclusion in the Nuclear Suppliers Group in a one-sided manner would be equivalent to ruining the balance of power in the region, with disastrous effects for maintenance of peace in the region.

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