The Six Days of Surprises and Scandals that Have Shaken Hillary

Emails discovered on a sex addict’s computer or revealed by Julian Assange have dogged the candidate.

The floodgates were only opened last Friday, when FBI director Jim Comey said that there were new facts in the investigation about the use of personal emails by Hillary Clinton and her staff when she was secretary of state.

For the Democratic candidate’s campaign, these six dramatic days sound like centuries. With all the caution necessary due to the volatile electoral environment and the polls, I will give you two examples of the current turmoil.

In Virginia, Donald Trump was one point behind Clinton until Friday (43 percent to 42 percent). Since then, he is ahead of Hillary. Among those surveyed after the avalanche of revelations and suspicion, the new score was 48 percent to 39 percent. In comparison to the same survey a month ago, he gained an astonishing 15 points.

In New Hampshire, the difference favorable to Hillary was the same: 15 points. Her advantage melted like ice cream in the microwave. Trump now has 40 percent of poll preference, against 39 percent for Hillary.

Just to remind you, there are two cases involving emails. One case refers to the private server installed by Hillary for her communications as head of American foreign policy.

This case was closed and reopened by the FBI in the most prejudicial way imaginable: messages from Hillary’s closest adviser, Huma Abedin, found in the computer of her ex-husband, Anthony Weiner, who had been under investigation due to internet contact with an underage girl.

If the idea of associating the candidate to the presidency with a sexual pervert wasn’t horrible enough, the speculations are even worse. Huma, and by extension, her boss, could be framed in a crime of espionage, it is being said.

Another idea, which falls within the branch of conspiratorial delirium, legitimized somehow by Weiner’s compulsive behavior, involves sexual deviations associated with millionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton, among other famous people, has traveled many times in Epstein’s private plane, nicknamed the Lolita Express. Epstein used to spend time with a legion of teenagers, and has been convicted of pedophilia.

The most extreme versions have been boosted by the fact that Comey revealed the reopening of the case, but not the content of the messages that are being investigated. Even Barack Obama, who should keep to the liturgy of his office, has complained about the suspicious environment this has caused a few days before the election.

The problem for Hillary is that in the other mess involving emails, the content is known – and it contributes to her discredit. These messages are the ones that were hacked by WikiLeaks from the computer of John Podesta, the Democratic campaign director.

The emails were gradually reported and show the traffic of influence in the State Department in Hillary’s era in favor of the Clinton Foundation and the former president himself. In the words of the biggest operator, Bill Clinton has pocketed $30 million since he left government just in books, lectures and consultations.

His wife’s position was certainly no obstacle to that. In fact, the Clinton Foundation is also under investigation by the FBI, as we learned in the past few crazy days. In another one of the most prejudicial revelations, it was said that even a friend of a friend has done improper things within the heart of the government.

Peter Kadzik, who occupies an important post in the Justice Department, informed Podesta about the internal progress of Hillary’s investigations. Kadzik and Podesta went to college together, became even closer under Bill Clinton’s government, were lobbyists and gave Trump reasons to report, rightly so, the moral corruption of the “machine.” When Trump speaks with moral superiority about his adversaries, it is very worrying.

Other emails show how State Department employees continued to contribute to Hillary even after she left the department, highlighting even more the feeling that the Clintons have the gift of corrupting everything they touch.

One of the most curious consequences of this tsunami of revelations is that Julian Assange, left-wing idol since he provided leaks of confidential communications of the American government and many others, was then worshipped by the most enthusiastic right. Just to remind you, Assange lives hidden in Ecuador’s embassy in London in order to avoid responding to allegations for sexual violence in Sweden.

One of those conspiracy theorists who usually appear at times like this has said that Podesta’s emails were sent to WikiLeaks by anonymous and heroic employees from the intelligence service. From the United States, not Russia, as the Democrats say.

Just this fact alone gives us an idea of the delirious environment surrounding the final days of the campaign. The prospects that will come after the election also give cause for worry: a president elected in the shadows of scandal and investigations which no one knows the ending to and which the losing electorate will think was all a setup. Or Trump.

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