The Dregs of the US ….



It’s all a matter of… indecency.

Reading this type of news helps us to understand how we have been degraded. I am referring to the entire human race that shamefully occupies this marvelous Earth.

It is true that the internet is a giant garbage bin, within which it is possible to salvage opportunities to analyze, compare and improve with proper attention. Certainly, the price is right in this: reading news stories that bring to light the most wretched level of some public figure, as in the case of this low-brow actor. For actors, especially those in Hollywood, to be a virtually worthless, half-witted individual is nothing new. The luxury of pointless parties, frequent drug abuse, loneliness and rich man’s blues – real existence confused with virtual existence – all are situations that provoke these types of expressions.

I don’t know how Donald Trump is going to behave, but I know for certain how Barack Obama has behaved: as the worst president that the United States of America has had in its entire history. That is, the president who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 and followed the advice of someone like Hillary Clinton, who is not exactly a stranger to the Islamic State, Libya and that entire intractable world known as Syria. And so, before publicly bidding for someone’s death, it would be more civilized to learn to keep quiet and prove with political correctness which type of behavior the new president of the United States wants to adopt, both toward the country that legitimately elected him and toward the international community.

For now, the United States votes and gets a president-elect. We, in this poor Italy, although validated by the Constitution (which, thank God we have saved…) know not when we will vote again.

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