The Beautiful Will Wait

What a supreme surprise for the Republicans: The midterm elections confirmed their dominance in the United States Senate, despite the fears of many of their leaders. It is, above all, the result of a thunderous campaign supported by President Donald Trump, who devoted frenzied energy to campaigning in the states where the threat seemed most formidable. He therefore saved his presidential primary rival with whom he had several sharp disagreements, Ted Cruz, who was re-elected in Texas against Democratic rising star Beto O’Rourke, who still has potential given the narrowness of his loss.

The first lesson of the election will be that President Trump, convinced that these elections played out in his favor or against it, has finally saved the day, even though he must now get used to a new situation in which the House of Representatives is dominated by the rival party. He will no longer have carte blanche to push through his sweeping decisions on immigrants that cast a shadow over the United States and maybe even overshadow the Palestinian issue. Of course, the Zionist lobbies are always there and we can’t fool ourselves because experience teaches us that in the United States, as in European countries, their influence is powerful regardless of who holds the political reins.

The Republican victory in the Senate is therefore Trump’s victory. But, overall, the election ended in a draw, with the Democrats winning the House of Representatives thanks to the admirable efforts of former President Barack Obama, who personally paid to mobilize voters in favor of his party. It must be said that the divisions in the presidential election and the resentment at the end of the primary battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the torchbearer of the left wing of the party, damaged the movement to the point that no leader has yet been able to emerge! That’s why Obama had to go back on the campaign trail, motivated by Trump’s explosive commitment to his candidates. They all owe him, in a way, for their re-election, and the current president can rightly pride himself on having strengthened the Republican Party, where nobody dares speak out against his rhetoric, his methods and his political prejudices. Impeachment proceedings are postponed indefinitely, and maybe the Democrats themselves are relieved because dismissing Trump would have left the position open to Vice President Mike Pence, a much more unpredictable Christian ultrafundamentalist who makes Trump look like a choir boy. The beauty Democrats dreamed of will have to wait until the next presidential election, but they already have the satisfaction of having obtained what they wanted even though they failed to achieve what they hoped for.

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