Netanyahu and bin Zayed Are Participating in Trump’s Campaign Yet Again

Benjamin Netanyahu and Mohammed bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates are just as worried about the result of the upcoming elections as the Trump family and administration (which are interchangeable to such a great extent that some Arab critics say that “Arabization” has come to the United States). The two men have linked their fates to Donald Trump so much that they fear if he loses the upcoming presidential election, it will reflect upon them negatively. Each played a direct role in supporting Trump’s first White House bid in the last election.

Throughout Barack Obama’s two terms, Netanyahu acted as though he were a member of the opposing Republican Party, and later supported Trump’s campaign as much as he could to persuade a portion of American Jews to vote for him, knowing that the vast majority support the Democratic Party. As for Zayed, the role of Yousef al-Otaiba, the Emirati Ambassador to the U.S., with respect to colluding in Trump’s campaign, has become clearer with time. Just days ago, the Senate Intelligence Committee published a massive report revealing the extent of collusion between Trump, Israel, the U.A.E. and Russia before the 2016 election.

Netanyahu and Zayed’s bid was a success that year — Trump went above and beyond their wildest expectations! Trump’s first state visits were devoted to supporting Zayed as he pressured the crown prince and king of Saudi Arabia to join the U.A.E.’s relentless attempt to force Qatar to change its policies. With his first chance, Trump also ended support for Zayed’s mortal enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood. On the Zionist front, Trump’s generosity comes naturally, given his backing by Christian Zionists, the denomination that believes that the reestablishment of a Jewish state in Palestine is a necessary prerequisite for the Second Coming of Christ. (And, at the same time, they believe that all Jews who do not convert to Christianity will go to hell.)

It is common knowledge that Christian and Jewish Zionists have two prominent figures on their side in the Trump administration, Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Trump satisfied the two main Zionist demands during his first term in office: first, moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, and second, officially supporting the annexation of the land occupied by the Zionist state in the 1967 war. Starting in the Golan Heights and ending with a large area of the West Bank, Trump also laid out the plan for the “deal of the century,” the official annexation of that territory by the Zionist state, prepared by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Netanyahu’s desire to announce the annexation before the U.S. election failed because of several conflicting factors—in particular, the warnings that he received from Israel, the U.S., and from various Arab and European sources. He has been shown that he cannot carry out the “deal” under these circumstances, even if he portrays the Zionist right-wing approach as a unilateral initiative. However, his political brand of Zionism has always rejected the idea of an agreement with the Palestinian leaders, even with Mahmoud Abbas, who is the most willing of the Arab leaders to bargain with the Israelis. Thus, the fate of the official annexation of the West Bank depends on Trump’s reelection.

Trump was vexed by the complete failure of the “deal of the century,” which he had promised to implement, being the author of a book called “The Art of the Deal” (which, as it turns out, he did not even write — it was written by a ghostwriter). Trump was planning to brag about the Zionist deal as the biggest foreign policy achievement in his campaign for a second term, along with his deal with the “Krakozhian” ruler of North Korea.* With the outright catastrophe of the latter, and the bungling of the “deal of the century,” Trump urgently needs one thing that he can use to cover up his failures and add to his resume of “great achievements.” Of course, this achievement will be the most important in American history, if not in human history, given the usual modesty of the American president.

Pompeo found a solution to the dilemma among the drama of normalizing relations between the U.A.E. and the Zionist state. Any serious observer can see that it is nothing but Netanyahu’s and Zayed’s service and contribution to Trump’s presidential campaign. Additionally, it is no secret to anyone that each respective country has been molded into a satellite state, or “Little Sparta,” by the Greater Sparta, America.

As I write, it is being announced that Pompeo will speak at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night, with a speech that he recorded in Jerusalem specifically to please his fellow Christian Zionists. Without a doubt, he will brag about the agreement in a Trumpian fashion, saying that the “normalization” of relations between the Emirates and the state of Israel is the most important event for relations between Arab states and the Zionist entity since the Oslo Accords of 1993. It’s no exaggeration to say that if the most sophisticated and modern Arab philosophers could be brought back to life to see the Emirates as they are today, they would not commit such treachery.

*Editor’s note: “Krakhozian” is an apparent reference to the 2004 film “The Terminal.”

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