Globalism and ‘Lackeyism’

Luis Abinader Corona and Roberto Alvarez went from kowtowing to Donald Trump to going for it with Joe Biden and the globalists.* The king is dead, long live the king. These are the governors who serve big capital. First, they become neo-fascists, and then they ignore rights stripped from humanity to defend the 1% of megacapitalists who control 50% of the planet’s wealth: 17 financial conglomerates that own $41.1 trillion in the global financial network and invest in the 2,047 largest companies in the world (involved in communication, trade, mining, information technology, military-industrial complex industries, among others).

Moving from one capitalist “monarchy” to another, they submit to the richest tycoons on the planet, who exercise the exclusive right to decide how the world should be governed. Among those who stand out are Bill Gates, with a fortune of $88.8 billion; Amancio Ortega Gaona of Spain, worth $84 billion; Amazon’s Jeff Bezos of the United States, worth $82 billion; Warren Buffet of the United States, with $76.2 billion; Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg of the United States, worth $56 billion; Carlos Slim of Mexico and the U.S., worth $54.5 billion; George Soros, Elon Musk and the Rockefellers; and in the Dominican Republic, the Vicini family and the Carnival groups.

They form the leadership of the transnational capitalist class, which has crossed national borders and flooded countries with capital to form a supranational state which instrumentalizes the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, the Atlantic Institute’s Bilderberg Group, the Pentagon, the Bank for International Settlements, the Group of Eight major industrial nations, the Group of 20 industrial and emerging market nations, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization and their enclave cultural groups in the great power states and dependent countries, like our own.

That’s the quintessence of globalism, which, confronted with Trumpist fascism, returns to the White House and Congress dressed up as the Democratic Party. There are no illusions about readjusting the foreign policy of this decadent empire, patently affected by the loss of worldwide hegemony, by the multisystem crisis that the Western capitalistic civilization has suffered, and by the radical divisions of power.

The legacy that the globalists left to humanity before they returned to the White House and Congress can be summed up as “a human crisis in which poverty, war, hunger, massive alienation, media propaganda and environmental destruction reached levels that threaten the survival of the human species.” Will they renounce their immense fortunes? The ruling class does not commit suicide!

*Editor’s note: Luis Abinader Corona is the president of the Dominican Republic, and Roberto Alvarez is the foreign affairs minister of the Dominican Republic.

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