Useful Idiots

It’s not always a good thing to know how to speak Russian. Vladimir Solovyov’s political talk show on Russian state television, for example, is quite candid for someone who loves his country and culture. The talk show host and his guests relish the triumph of Russia putting its hands on Donbass, too, after Crimea. According to them, might always makes right, and right now, Russia is so strong that no one can mess with it. Russia will do whatever it wants, and the world can kiss its rear end. Naturally, it’s not a position that warrants deep sympathy for the talk show host or for Russia in general.

Of course, there are exceptions. Donald Trump, for example, is impressed with how Vladimir Putin is using tanks to make “peace.” Appearing on a far-right radio program on Tuesday, he voiced his admiration for the Russian president’s clever solution to the Eastern Ukrainian problem. Likewise, he thinks that the U.S. should send “peacekeepers” — to the Mexican border. Following Trump is of course the far-right media entourage, led by Tucker Carlson, who enthusiastically endorses Russian aggression with the rest of the stars of Fox News.

If Solovyov is just one level above Carlson, it’s just a small step up to Carlson’s favorite European, Hungarian President Viktor Orbán. EU sources told CNN’s Paris correspondent that, during continuous European talks on sanctioning Russia, tougher punishments could not be imposed because of Hungary. Hungarian diplomats argued that the possibility of negotiations must be preserved. Meaning that Europe shouldn’t be angry with Putin; instead, people should just let it happen and give Solovyov another good day. The most recent news is that Hungary is marching troops to strengthen the Ukrainian border because of the looming threat of a humanitarian crisis. I will not comment on the latter; everyone can believe what they want.

Putin, for example, believes that there are useful idiots in both America and Europe who hinder the defense of democracy against his arrogant imperialism.

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