Europe Is Becoming an Appendage to the US; Its Death Is Certain

Europe is dying.

To put it bluntly, it is becoming an appendage to the U.S. and its death is certain — at least symbolically, which is more important. Even energy resources will be coming from America. They say that this is a liberation from “dependence on Russian energy.” This is actually a gift from the Danes. We know what the Danes’ gifts lead to; they lead to catastrophes. American liquid gas isn’t even a gift. We are paying so much; as a result, we are becoming even more dependent.

Europe did not become a strong and independent player in the global political playing field. It could not surpass its own infantile behavior. It always needs patronage and protection. It turned into a colony that cannot think on its own. This is the scariest form of dependency. The lack of natural gas and oil can always be compensated for. When you don’t have the desire or capability to think independently, you’re doomed. This is why I don’t see any hope for Europe.

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