In the United States, Would Le Pen Have Won?

Marine Le Pen failed in France, but in the United States, her program would likely have given her victory. The American Republican Party is far to the right of Le Pen’s Rassemblement National. In fact, the RN platform would be very “left-leaning” compared to the current political mainstream south of the Canadian border.

American political commentators breathed a sigh of relief that the far-right candidate was defeated, but were concerned that her margin of defeat had narrowed compared to her previous presidential races.

She lost by more than 15 percentage points. Not only would the RN be a winner in the U.S., but a significant portion of the electorate would find her position on Islam and immigration not radical enough.

In a recent Gallup poll, nearly 60% of Americans said there is too much immigration in the country, while 66 percent of Republicans believe in the “great replacement theory.”

Le Pen said she would put the question of a return to the death penalty to a referendum. In the United States, the death penalty is used by a majority of states, the federal government and the military. The RN is against NATO and the European Union. The Grand Old Party endorsed Donald Trump when he talked about pulling the U.S. out of NATO.

Both Le Pen and Trump are members of Putin’s fan club. Yes, I know, they have been quieter about it in recent weeks. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused the Republican Party to reverse its position, although Trump has called Putin’s move “genius” and “savvy.”

Are Le Pen’s Ideas Too Far to the Left?

The economic policies of Le Pen and her party are well to the left of the GOP. Her acceptance of France’s “socialist” health care system is anathema to Republicans. The GOP, Le Pen and the RN could be thick as thieves if only the French part of this evil congregation would move more to the right, where Republicans proudly stand.

The reality is that the American far right has a stronger political and social foundation than its French counterpart. If she were an American politician, Le Pen would have a hard time getting elected in many states, where she would be considered a “progressive” or “liberal” in the American sense of the word.

GOP More Dangerous than RN

Republican politicians propose policies far to the right of those of Le Pen and the RN. And they have a much better chance of winning.

The GOP’s radical move to the right is key to its success in this fall’s congressional elections and the 2024 presidential elections. This could have far greater political and economic repercussions than the election of Le Pen.

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