UN Security Council Resolution: Will the US Allow a Humanitarian Crisis?

Israel’s battle in the Palestinian territory of Gaza continues to intensify.

Gaza’s death toll has surpassed 20,000. Israel will continue the fight until it achieves its goal of annihilating the Islamic organization Hamas.

In the midst of this situation, the U.N. Security Council has adopted a resolution appealing for the strengthening of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The U.S., which supports Israel, abstained from voting without exercising its veto power. However, the U.N postponed voting on the draft resolution for four consecutive days as the U.S. sought to remove language referring to the “cessation of hostilities.”

There was extremely weak pressure for a cease-fire in the resolution; one could best call it watered down.

The international community must pressure Israel to cease its barbaric actions. The United States, which provides military support to Israel, must exert its particularly tremendous influence.

The U.S. must urge Israel to declare a cease-fire to end the humanitarian crisis as soon as possible..

This is the second time that the U.N. Security Council has adopted a resolution concerning the situation in Gaza. A previous resolution called for a suspension of combat, but the pause only lasted a week. Then the U.S. exercised its veto power on Dec. 8 to thwart a resolution seeking an immediate cease-fire.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called President Joe Biden to thank him deflecting pressure for a cease-fire in the latest U.S. resolution, and said he intended to continue fighting.

Israel says it will expand its ground invasion of southern Gaza and continue its military operations against underground facilities that Israel believes fugitive Hamas leaders are using as hideouts.

Israel has attacked hospitals in the north as well that it believes are Hamas bases, killing civilians in the process. But even after the strikes, Israel has still not shown any clear proof that these were Hamas strongholds.

Israel also continues to strike refugee camps. Is this anything but a massacre of civilians?

While Biden has appealed to Netanyahu to protect civilian lives, he has not sought a cease-fire. We must say that this is an endorsement of the humanitarian crisis. Japan, the U.K. and France also approved the resolution. The U.S. should realize that it stands alone in its position.

According to the World Food Program and other organizations, more than 93% of Gaza’s population, or about 2.08 million people, are facing “acute food insecurity.”

The crisis is exceedingly grave, and it is essential that there be an immediate cease-fire and delivery of material goods and supprt.

In the Indian Ocean, tankers owned by Japanese companies have suffered strikes from unmanned drones. The U.S. Defense Department asserts that Iran, which supports Hamas and the Houthis, a Yemeni armed organization, is responsible for the attacks.

There are concerns that the conflict might expand to other places in the Middle East. Countries must fully commit to diplomatic efforts to prevent further escalation.

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