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Al Masry Al Youm, Egypt

Obama and Zionism

By Muhammed Bughdady

...if the president does not work to their [the Zionists'] benefit, they will “politically assassinate” him or bring his life to an end.

Translated By Asmaa Sharaf El Deen

25 January 2009

Egypt - Al Masry Al Youm - Original Article (Arabic)

A point of fact is that it was not only the three million Americans who stood, in spite of the cold, stinging weather, to listen to their new president’s inaugural address, but also hundreds of millions of other people around the globe. This spasm of optimism, to begin with, was a natural response to what they all experienced, Americans included. They had experienced wars and, political and economic catastrophes due to the frivolous and abortive policies of former President Bush. This caused, during his eight lean years, the killing of nearly one million innocent Iraqis, displaced millions of people, disturbances, wars and financial problems in a world that reaped losses in the billions. And, finally, he crowned this abject failure by conspiring with Israel to commit tragic and bloody massacres, and bath in the blood of the children, women, and men of Gaza.

Yet, apart from feelings of optimism and pessimism, it suffices for the people of developing countries to see such an unparalleled scene and pity their countries under their regimes. When an ex-president leaves the White House for the new president to inhabit for four years, if not for another term, both exchange “best of luck” wishes, then the successor accompanies his predecessor to the plane and bids him farewell!

And regardless of the catastrophes Bush brought about, ending with an economic crisis of which the Americans have the lion’s share, the traditions and rules of bidding farewell and assuming office remain the same and have been followed since the first American president until Obama.

Indeed, Arabs have dreamt of this to happen in their own countries, even one hundred years later. We are accustomed to a new president seeing the former president to his final resting place, as if to make sure that he does not come back to life again. And shortly afterwards, the former, “late,” president’s photo can only be seen in newspapers, accused of corruption, bribery or of being a secret agent. And if he is still alive, he is bid farewell either by execution, assassination, ending his life in prison or, as is the case in bloodless revolutions, in exile.

Back to America and those who were cheery at the win by the first black president, who has African and Muslim roots, of the USA. I think they have to be a tad patient and bear in mind that America is not a country governed by either individuals or political parties (Republican and Democratic). Rather, it is ruled by stout entities, intelligence apparati and financial, media and arms companies. And not to forget the Congress, the strongest legislative body, with its parliament and the Senate, where members have various interests in common with other organizations and companies. This controls all aspects of life in American society, starting with forming public opinion and ending with “hamburger sandwiches.” And it is no secret that the American Zionist lobby dominates large deals of these interests.

This is why this lobby’s vote always influences American elections, where certainly no candidate would veil his sheer partiality to the Jews and their state, Israel. However, it was George Washington who had misgivings about the Zionist Jews’ permeation into American society. He warned his people against their hegemonic ways, stating, “Americans, within one hundred years, will be used as their slaves and servants!”

Actually, no one can stand in the face of their unlimited greed. They want everything: wealth, power and advocates. And if the president does not work to their benefit, they will “politically assassinate” him or bring his life to an end. This is exactly what happened to late Democratic president, John Kennedy, in the ‘60s. So, we do not have to feel exceedingly optimistic.

However, we should not be the opposite. Obama, until this very moment, has only given two speeches: in his inaugural address he promised to turn over a new leaf in regards to the Islamic world and the Middle East. In his second speech, when Hillary Clinton was taking the official oath as the secretary of state, he called for his country to hold talks with the Palestinians, which included Hamas. This is a new starting point in dealing with the Arab-Israeli conflict. All these are signs of good intentions and plans.

Conspicuously, no one can deny that Obama is a strong and charismatic president, who stepped into the White House with a highly unprecedented number of votes from Americans who love and respect him. Though, the Zionist lobby will indefatigably grope for what they want and will not spare any effort and capabilities in steering each and every end to the Israeli benefit. In other words, if Obama is not all eyes and ears to their malevolent blackmailing, he will be doomed to John Kennedy’s fate. This explains the heavy security cautions adopted at his inauguration.



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One Response to “Obama and Zionism”

  1.  Vote: Add rating 5  Subtract rating 5   researcher Says:

    Rather, it is ruled by stout enti­ties, intel­li­gence appa­rati and finan­cial, media and arms companies.”

    as an amer­i­can I can tell you how few amer­i­cans under­stand who con­trols their country.

    they actu­ally think they are a democ­racy even though they have repeated in grade school every morn­ing that amer­ica is a republic.

    amer­i­cans are start­ing to wake up but at a very slow pace.

    remem­ber mc cain got 47 per cent of the vote and his fol­low­ers are very much of the idea of a con­tin­ued indus­trial mil­i­tary might in the world.

    amer­i­cans believe it is their god given right to be a super power and even invade and occupy third world coun­tries. ie national ego thing.

    patroitism and nation­al­ism has warped their sense of fair­ness in the world.

    only the exist­ing eco­nomic decline will stop amer­i­cans aggres­sion around the world. they believe that aggres­sion is for defense. even the national media is con­trolled by this mil­i­tary complex.

    please note even obama wants to increase the size of the mil­i­tary. iraq and afgan will put the fin­ish­ing touches on america’s desire to be a super power. ie total bankruptcy.

    the indus­trial mil­i­tary com­plex will halt any attempts to reduce its size and its power over con­gress. when the lob­bysits speak con­gress lis­tens. they need the money for future elections.

    to watch your coun­try self destruct is a sad thing but uni­ver­sal laws and karma demand that it does just that. check history.

    the athe­ists, reli­gious, and polit­i­cal folks dont have any idea of what I am writ­ing about.

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