Even with the leak to U.S. newspapers of an intelligence report that describes a number of American failures in Iraq , it is odd that nothing new was brought to light that wasn't already clear. And it is stranger still that given all this, the American administration remains in denial about its failures, as it has been since its passage through Afghanistan on its way to Iraq, up to and including the defeat of the Zionist aggression in Lebanon.

The American administration doesn't want to put an end to that which has created these problems, nor does it want to pause and review where its policies are weak or defective. Rather, it continues to blindly rush ahead, desperate to achieve anything that would allow it to continue boasting to the world of its "achievements". By continuing to do this, day after day, it is instead stoking greater and greater hatred against it, at a time when America's enemies, whether they are labeled extremists or resistance fighters, are increasingly powerful and well-practiced in confronting American abuses.

This widespread hatred of America is attributable to the lengthening of Washington's time frame for imposing its imperial project on the region, and the huge and continuing failure of American policy in every land that U.S. forces fight or are harbored.

The intelligence report, which was prepared by the 16 major American intelligence services, describes how the war in Iraq has created a new generation of leaders and terrorist fighter; that the al-Qaeda organization has exploited the situation in Iraq to draw new recruits; that the war has allowed al-Qaeda to maintain its leadership role; that the Iraq conflict has become a cause célèbre for the Mujahideen, since America’s military presence in the Islamic world feeds a deep resentment toward the U.S.; and that all of this has created sympathy for the Jihadist movement around the world.

Readers may well have reached all of the above conclusions by simple observation, certainly without a need for a high-level intelligence report. But what is new about this report is that it was prepared by the American administration itself. And despite this, Bush the son hasn't stopped defending his failed policies. Rather, he has affirmed anew that some "Some people have concluded that going into Iraq was a mistake. I strongly disagree. I think it's naive. I think it's a mistake for people to believe that going on the offense against people that want to do harm to the American people makes us less safe!"

And it appears that Bush Administration's obsession with making America safer is nothing but a repulsive justification for carrying on, in its entirety, its huge project for a "New Middle East." Similarly, the launching of the Iraq War was justified with a boldfaced lie that has been admitted to by American Secretary of State Colin Powell, who went before the U.N. to warn the world of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

This strange policy, which is based on fabricating enemies and continuing to nurture and provide "the enemy" with the fuel needed to carry on with their own plans, will eventually undermine the pillars of today's unipolar world. Indeed, to anyone who follows events with the slightest bit of objectivity, the tangible signs of this have already begun to emerge in terms of political realities on the ground.

The real problem confronting America today is that the Iraq issue is now like a razor stuck in its throat, which it cannot rid itself of by swallowing, nor can it extract it, because extracting U.S. forces from Iraq will give the impression of American weakness, or perhaps inspire its enemies and invite even greater resistance to any present or future American plans in the region. This will mean a loosening of Zionist-American dominance over the world.

Meanwhile, the option of keeping its U.S. forces in Iraq is equally bad, as the famous American writer and journalist Bob Woodward has pointed out. He has noted that American soldiers in Iraq are exposed to attack every 15 minutes, and that the situation in Iraq is far graver than the White House will admit. Perhaps the only option left to the United States is to abandon the visions of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger as the blueprint for American foreign policy.

Perhaps it's time for America to acknowledge that the same mentality that led it into the swamp of Vietnam decades ago has led it into a new and far more damaging quagmire in Iraq. These are issues that may in fact threaten America's very existence.

Such thinking also resulted in the American-Israeli mistake [in Lebanon], when by being widely seen as an aggressive entity, the State of Israel fell into a trap set by the Islamists. From this, disastrous consequences will appear in the very, very near future.