If we ever need to sum up the true meaning of disaster, we have Iraq as a case in point.

At the current time, Iraq resembles and contains everything needed for a fundamental academic "disaster study" – politically, socially, economically, ideologically, and psychologically and so forth. It could be a classic case study for one of the newest areas of human research: "disasterology."

I believe that humanism will reemerge with enhanced wisdom after the Iraq disaster, once a thorough review and reevaluation is undertaken across the gamut of firmly-rooted concepts and established wisdom that have been so shaken by the convulsions of post-invasion Iraq.

These tumultuous events that have taken place in Iraq have swept aside the violator [America] and its policy prophets, and have brought its great spin doctors down from the lofty heights of their theories and projections. For the past three-odd years, the growing rupture between forecast and reality has filled the pages of studies into Iraq's destruction.

But the excessive academic hand-wringing and soul searching is for naught - for they all go astray searching for the truth in the deserts of Iraq. And instead of grasping at truth’s hem, they leave Iraq once they have cloaked themselves in resignation and lose hope of finding a swallow of water. Instead, they merely wind up parched, confounded by their own fantasies, hallucinations and vain wishes.

Lucifer alone (because he is Lucifer) knows the ins and outs of the Iraqi maze. And when some of his human students [the coalition forces] got lost in the dark gloom of Iraq's interlocking corridors, a familiar thing happened. At some point in some corridor, they stood together and decided to form an alliance, hoping to find a way out. And even as the they come within sight of a crossroads and reckoned that it was they who discovered the way out, all wished to escape the passageway which has held nothing but infinite frustration.

And it is natural for them to want to escape, because the competitive chaos in Iraq's corridors of gloom are littered with the corpses of Iraqi citizens. The reality of this battle of death is that it is contested not on the basis of the value of Iraqi life, or the absence of numbers of Iraqis killed, but rather on basis of the greed; on the size of the open mass graves; and by how many are buried in unmarked tombs.

In fact, gravediggers have been at a loss, awaiting an official tally of the numbers of Iraqi departed in order to be allowed to bury them and they will move on to inaugurate yet another mass grave, made necessary by morgues overflowing with heaps of murdered corpses.

And up to now, there has been a disagreement over mortality statistics, with one set of numbers that omits a zero or two. This has led to wildly conflicting estimates – on one end, an estimate of 30,000 killed and on the other, 650,000 Iraqis killed! This latest and largest estimate of the dead is one "conspiracy" that the [American] steamroller has been unable to crush, and which has contributed to Washington's burning need to plot a new course to a successful outcome.

This is a humanitarian tragedy that warrants academic study. It is an example of human fallibility in reaching diabolical perfection. So while every disaster naturally unfolds and reaches its agonizing conclusion, the Iraqi disaster stands out by reaching its crescendo due to the viciousness and the failure of its participants. Because the victors did not win, even if they say they have won; the defeated were not defeated, and even if they are defeated, spectators have witnessed everything, yet they have witnessed nothing. It is only the Iraqi martyr that has reached angelic perfection and has risen above this disaster and misfortune.

So where are you, Lucifer? Where are you? Where?

Where are you, teacher of handicapped students – from Bush and his gang to Blair and his ... where are you, teacher of idiotic students, blind globalizers in an ill-fated Iraq ... Where are you, director of the school that extends the length and breadth of the entire earth ... we beckon you, oh master of the perfect crime, to complete your Iraqi mission, because all of your students have failed.

Yea, you sneaking whisperer [reference to the Satan. From the Quran 114:4-5]. There is no more use for your whispering in the hearts of men ... lo, look at us unequivocally, honor us by towering above us, take the place of your students who have failed the test of executing the Iraq disaster. Out of pity for those who resemble you and who have fallen ... fix it as you wish, for it is absolutely certain that your evil Satanic solution will be easier for the Iraqis to bear.

May God forgive us.