FOUR years after invading and occupying Iraq, allowing thousands to drown in lakes of blood and forcing huge numbers to migrate to other countries to escape sectarian genocide, the Americans have woken up to reality. The Americans have begun to realize that the democracy they were trying to implant in the land of darkness hasn't caught root, and that they have failed to ensure either security or stability. The Americans came to Iraq with their own belief system, which is based on freedom and democracy.

In the attempt to create a new and democratic Iraq, the Americans inadvertently endangered both the Arab and Islamic worlds by opening that country's doors to terrorists and others [Baathists, al-Qaeda, etc.] who thirsted for revenge and were eager to divide Iraq along ethnic and sect lines. The Americans have finally managed to identify their real enemies, after realizing that they had become hostages to Iran, Syria and religious sects in Iraq. They have now concluded that before a new, free, democratic Iraq with an open economy can be established, that nation must first be cleaned of all intruders.

For over four years, the blood of innocents has soaked Iraqi soil. Now that the Americans have finally come to understand the truth, job one must be to attack the death squads and the influence of Iran. From the outset, Americans should have realized that Iraq's neighbors don't recognize or believe in democracy. People in these nations have a historic urge to take revenge on the United States. America should now stick to its guns and bring peace and stability to Iraq by force.

If only the United States had followed a firmer policy from the beginning, Iraq wouldn't have become such a killing field, where Iranian and Syrian agents move around implementing their plans without fear. If only the United States hadn't disbanded the Iraqi Army, it would have saved the lives of thousands of innocents and prevented the infiltration of foreign insurgents. But it's too late for regrets. Now the game must be played according to new rules.

If stability and security are to return to Iraq, the use of overwhelming force is a necessity. Only after cleansing and stabilizing that country can talk of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and a new constitution begin. Three years have been lost and the lives of countless Iraqis wasted. It's time that the United States use its military might to rectify the situation.