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October 2008

Bush in the GuinnessBook of World Records

October 31, 2008 // Diario Co Latino - El Salvador - Spanish

The current leader of the United States could very well be added to the Guinness Book of World Records on three accounts. First, Bush is the first North American president to have earned the highest approval rating. According to the Gallup polls, he is the only president to have reached the 90% approval mark, a [Read more]

As America Votes

October 31, 2008 // The Jerusalem Post - Israel

As America chooses its new leader on Tuesday, I'm worried - for Israel, and for the US and the rest of the free world.

McCain andHis Anger Spells

October 31, 2008 // Dar Al-Hayat - Lebanon

A man also can get angry if he looks like Mike Tyson. As for a US presidential candidate, he is not allowed to get angry, till after he loses the election.

My Class with Rashid Khalidi

October 31, 2008 // Folha - Brazil - Portuguese

During a visit to New York last March, my friend Gustavo Chacra (who has a great blog on our competitor newspaper, by the way) took me to watch one of the classes in his MasterÂ’s program at Columbia. The professor was Rashid Khalidi. The classroom was packed and most of the students were younger than us. The [Read more]

That's America, Folks!

October 31, 2008 // Al Masry Al Yaum - Egypt - Arabic

No one could have imagined, during the hundreds of years in which Americans profited by snatching Africans from their forests and mothersÂ’ arms, that one day one of these Africans or their descendents would become president of this empire called America. But, as Captain Mimi al-Sherbini put it in his comedy: this is America, folks!

Bush Ranked America's Sixth-Worst President

October 31, 2008 // Wen Wei Po - Hong Kong - Mandarin

With America's next president soon to emerge, the Times of London ranked all previous presidents on their effectiveness, placing the outgoing George Bush in a tie with Richard Nixon for thirty-seventh place (sixth from the bottom) due to his launching of the long, drawn-out War on Terror. Eight top international [Read more]
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