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December 2008

Getting Banks to Lend

December 31, 2008 // The Hindu - India

To say that the current global crisis might abate if only banks resumed their traditional function of lending to business and industry might sound too simplistic. Yet it is true.

To Stop the Crimes

December 30, 2008 // Jordan Times - Jordan

Israel will never heed the international calls to end its onslaught on Gaza Strip as long as the US maintains that the Jewish state is right in defending itself.

Economic Disease Made U.S. Hospitals Sick

December 30, 2008 // xinhuanet - China - Chinese

The financial crisis and the recession have not only made U.S. banking, retailing and manufacturing etc. face the music, but also the hospitals. More and more hospitals are in the red, and they have to cut down costs by reducing the staff, postponing construction projects and so on. Hospitals in America employ [Read more]

The Transition in Miami

December 30, 2008 // Granma - Cuba

The recent presidential elections and the defeat of the reactionary domestic and foreign policies that characterized the Bush administration have begun to influence the social and political atmosphere in Miami.
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