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April 2009

G-20: In the Right Direction

April 3, 2009 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

As a result of the summit meeting held in London, G-20 leaders announced the enactment of a plan to reactivate the world economy that includes an injection of a trillion dollars to global finances (three quarters of which will go to the countries most affected by the catastrophe in progress) and measures to prevent [Read more]

The “American Myth” Has Lost Its Luster

April 3, 2009 // Huanqiu Shibao - China - Chinese

Edward Gibbons noted in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire that decadence, greed and moral decay were important reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. Today’s America has already become a second Roman Empire- that is to say, moral decay has become an important reason for the fall of America. [Read more]

Appropriate Criticism on Obama's Emergency Plan

April 3, 2009 // Z24 - The Netherlands - Dutch

Economists in the U.S. are very critical of the emergency plan that President Obama has issued to get the American banking sector out of trouble. But it still denies the most fundamental problem. The American Minister of Finance, Timothy Geithner, announced a new plan on Monday afternoon, March 23rd, that is aimed at [Read more]

It’s All Obama’s Fault

April 3, 2009 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

<b>It’s hard to demonstrate against an inspirational light. The anti-NATO protesters miss their bogeyman.</b> They talked about an “immense, fantastic number” of demonstrators; they promised speeches and rallies that would “change world politics.” The picture organizers of the G8 protests in Heiligendamm [Read more]
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