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April 2009

Helpless in Detroit

April 1, 2009 // Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany - German

Getting rid of General Motors (GM) CEO Rick Wagoner was necessary, but changing bosses won’t solve the problem: GM doesn’t have a meaningful survival plan. There are many good reasons for firing Rick Wagoner, the unfortunate head of GM, world’s largest automobile maker. Like no one else, the 56-year-old [Read more]

Americans on the Move

April 1, 2009 // die Tageszeitung - Germany - German

Where previously only a few dozen homeless people lived, several hundred have now taken up residence since the start of the economic crisis – in a tent city near Los Angeles. In Ontario, a wealthy suburb east of Los Angeles, you won’t find any signs of the financial crisis. The boulevard medians are planted with [Read more]

American Leadership

April 1, 2009 // Le Temps - Swtizerland - French

The financial climate is in regulation - regulation dictated by emotion. Last week, American representatives voted for a special law to tax 90 percent of the bonuses given to AIG, the insurance giant rescued from bankruptcy thanks to taxpayer money. On Thursday, France announced that it would block the allocation of [Read more]
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