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May 2009

Is Sotomayor a Racist?

May 30, 2009 // Aftenposten - Norway - Norwegian

<b>Prominent Republicans think the candidate Barack Obama has nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, is a racist.</b> Switch “Latino woman” with “white man” and you have a quote that would be called racist, prominent Republicans say. The quote they are referring to is from a speech judge Sonia [Read more]

Americans Work on The Computer in Bed

May 30, 2009 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

Portable and mobile devices revolutionize habits: Americans now go to sleep and wake up with the laptop close at hand. A place of rest and intimacy has become a last frontier of free work hours: not even the bedroom is safe from the effects of the “always on” revolution and people who are always connected. The [Read more]

Cairo Counts Down to Obama

May 30, 2009 // Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt

Critics - especially human rights activists and democracy advocates - suggest that the choice of Obama signals Washington's intention to condone "dictatorship" and compromise the cause of democratization in the Middle East.
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