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August 2009

Barack Obama Acted Stupidly

August 1, 2009 // De Standaard - Belgium - Dutch

<b>The reaction from the first black president on the arrest of one of America's most famous black intellectuals, according to Evita Neefs, proves that the U.S. is still grappling with diversity, despite all the beautiful myths. </b> What inspired Barack Obama to call the actions of a white cop who arrested a black [Read more]

Black and White

August 1, 2009 // Hurriyet - Turkey - Turkish

It is late at night. A guy in jeans and a shirt is trying to force open the door of a nice house two blocks away from the campus of Harvard University. It seems like the lock has been broken, so he pushes the door and breaks in. As he is catching his breath, he hears someone say, “freeze!” Henry Skip Gates turns [Read more]

Remembering America’s Past

August 1, 2009 // Al Ahram - Egypt - Arabic

The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, was not ashamed when she said that her ancestors were slaves. However, she is now the wife of the first black president of America, a dream she helped make come true. She was not offended when some people examined her roots, something done with every American [Read more]

U.S. Pursues India Options as Leverage Against China

August 1, 2009 // Sin Chew Daily - Malaysia - Chinese

Before participating in the ASEAN Regional Forum, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited India, one of the big South Asian countries. During her visit, the sides concluded two belated accords. One is the End-User Monitoring Agreement (EUMA), regarding sensitive defense equipment and technologies; and the other [Read more]

Partial “Reset”

August 1, 2009 // Vzgliad - Russia - Russian

The White House administration cannot agree upon a uniform U.S. policy regarding Russia. The course of action determined by Barrack Obama will come to a stand still thanks to the efforts of the White House team. Following Vice President Joe Biden’s criticism of Moscow’s foreign policy, U.S. Secretary of State [Read more]

Reverse Racism

August 1, 2009 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

By cunning chance, within a few days the President of United States has been asked to come to terms with his being of African descent, and to hike over that steep path which makes him everybody’s president. He was impressive when he exhorted black Americans to free themselves from paranoia. He told them not to keep [Read more]
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