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February 2010

Global China

February 27, 2010 // Panama America - Panama - Spanish

... the global financial crisis outside of China is a proactive fabrication of the United States and Europe; and it behooves them to resolve it, if they want, and not China. They shall decide, especially now that the financial crisis has become an unemployment crisis.

No Breakthrough at the Healthcare Summit

February 27, 2010 // Der Standard - Austria - German

Obama: "This became a very ideological battle.” The summit on healthcare reform revealed a huge divide between Republicans and Democrats on the subject. At Blair House, Washington’s most elegant guesthouse, Barack Obama met with his Republican opponents to discuss his controversial healthcare reform plans. [Read more]

The American Army Struggles in Afghanistan

February 26, 2010 // Le Figaro - France - French

<b>The vast offensive launched in the Helmand is progressing slower than predicted and hitches impede military efforts to win the population’s confidence.</b> Two months after President Obama made the decision to send reinforcements, the American army struggles in Afghanistan, where they continue to lose men and [Read more]
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