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March 2010

Health Care Reform: Direction or Destination?

March 31, 2010 // Argenpress - Argentina - Spanish

A good look at the landscape after the battle does not show President Obama to have too many reasons to feel optimistic. No sooner has he taken his first step, in an act more philanthropic than revolutionary, than he has to face the overwhelming ire of a part of the establishment for whom the poor are not their "fellow man."

To Know the Trend in Paris, Follow the S&P 500 in New York

March 31, 2010 // Le Journal des Finances - France - French

The consolidation to which we have arrived is welcome. It may even be surprising that the CAC 40 Index finished the week on a modest decline of 0.32 percent while the American indexes fell close to 1 percent. On Wall Street, anyway, it was time for a fall after eight consecutive days of increases. What is sure is [Read more]
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