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September 2010

Obama in Sudan, Pakistan and Palestine

September 29, 2010 // Al Jazeera - Qatar - Arabic

Hence the question arises: Isn't it time for all those who expected great things from Obama, based on captivated hopes, illusions and false sugary speech, to engage in self-criticism since experience confirmed the exact opposite?

Obama and the Regional Solution Desired

September 29, 2010 // Al Ghad - Jordan - Arabic

All U.S. presidential administrations since that of Bush the Father have shown interest in the Palestinian track of the peace process, although the efforts that have been expended during the Obama administration are especially notable because of three factors. The first is the timing of these efforts, in that the [Read more]

Why the U.S. Doesn’t Talk to Iran

September 29, 2010 // Asia Times - Hong Kong

U.S. foreign policy, especially in the Middle East, is driven not so much by broad national interests as they are by narrow but powerful special interests - interests that seem to prefer war and militarism to peace and international understanding.
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