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November 2010

Who Will Attend the Wedding at Buckingham Palace?

November 30, 2010 // Le Figaro - France - French

On this Thanksgiving day, we could have talked about Sarah Palin's new gaffe when, as a guest on Glenn Beck's radio program — the man who stirs up paranoia and deliberately misinforms his 2.5 million daily listeners — she talked about "our North Korean allies." We also could have talked about the conviction of [Read more]

A Risk to Peace

November 30, 2010 // The Australian - Australia

If diplomats no longer dare to send undiplomatic, unvarnished truths to their governments on encrypted cables, the world's peace will be in more danger. Not less.

9/11 of Diplomacy

November 30, 2010 // Daily News - Turkey

With 7,918 documents, the U.S. Embassy in Ankara and Consulate in Istanbul were apparently the “biggest contributor” to the 251,000 documents exposed by WikiLeaks.


November 30, 2010 // Daily News - Turkey

We’ve found out about what representatives of the United States and third party countries think about us.

Middle Eastern Fear of Iran

November 30, 2010 // Neues Deutschland - Germany - German

America’s views on the Middle East are heavily influenced by Israel. Internal Washington diplomatic correspondence released by WikiLeaks shows a marked Israeli influence on America’s Middle East policies. The focus of the leaked documents is on the Iranian nuclear program and the remarks of concerned Arab royal [Read more]

In Pursuit of Julian Assange

November 30, 2010 // National Post - Canada

Washington is mulling charging the Australian citizen for espionage — the publication of thousands of classified documents has left its diplomats with red faces and Sarah Palin baying for his blood.
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