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December 2010

WikiLeaks and Global Vulnerability

December 31, 2010 // Kompas - Indonesia - Indonesian

WikiLeaks’ release of the leaks from United States diplomatic cables to the whole world was not only sensational but also a sign that we are entering an era of a new world order. WikiLeaks not only had a role in knowing the developments of a particular country, but also the intentions behind the practice of national [Read more]

Obama No Longer Apprehensive of Dirty Hands

December 31, 2010 // Volkskrant - The Netherlands - Dutch

Presidential success shows that things can change quickly in Washington. What is the most memorable text that the gifted orator Barack Obama has spoken? The thoughts are with large, notable speeches, such as the keynote speech at the Democratic convention in 2004, with which he broke through on the national political [Read more]

Comeback Kid

December 30, 2010 // Belfast Telegraph - U.K.

But in little more than a month, the 'lame duck' achieved more than some previous Congresses delivered in their entire two-year span.

War in Afghanistan

December 30, 2010 // Khaleej Times - Japan

The reality is that the Afghan government needs to win over some of the [insurgent] groups to stabilize the situation.
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