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May 2011

Will U.S. Troops Stay in Iraq?

May 30, 2011 // People's Daily - China

If the United States hastens to impose pressure on Iraq before Iraqi political blocs reach a consensus, it will not only fail in fulfilling its goals but also even deteriorate the political situation at home.

U.S. Leaving Latin America Up for Grabs

May 30, 2011 // Colombia Reports - Colombia

With reconciliation accomplished in Honduras by Colombia and Venezuela with no U.S. intervention and trade flowing away from the U.S., it seems as if Latin America is now wide open for other players to come into play with strong political and economic roles.

The Borders of Transformative Power

May 30, 2011 // Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria - German

President Obama is attempting to position U.S. politics around the developments in the Arab world. For America, that will be a difficult balancing act. Obama understands, better than any U.S. president before him, that in the future there will be many more power centers in the world. But at the same time, up until [Read more]

A Really Big Challenge for President Obama

May 30, 2011 // Östersunds Posten - Sweden - Swedish

What U.S. President Barack Obama said last week actually ought to be perfectly obvious: The borders of 1967 have to be the foundation for the upcoming peace talks between Israel and its Arab counterparts. However, nothing is obvious in this conflict. Obama was not uncompromising on the question of borders. He argued [Read more]

A Marshall Plan for the Middle East?

May 30, 2011 // El - Spain - Spanish

The responsibility of an elected press office is to try to promote the initiatives of the official paying their salary in the best possible way, to the point of exaggeration. It is then the responsibility of the media to examine these messages with a critical eye and not be misled. Since President Obama took office, [Read more]

Why Did Obama Admit Military Action in Libya Has Defects?

May 30, 2011 // Nanfang Daily - China - Chinese

On the 26th of this month, there was a very significant and attractive piece of news on every portal stating that Obama admitted that the military action in Libya has flaws and insisted that Gadhafi would step down. cited foreign sources on May 25 that U.S. President Obama admitted that NATO’s military [Read more]
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