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July 2011

The End of Obamanomics

July 31, 2011 // National Post - Canada

When Democrats won’t back tax increases in the face of an alleged crisis, it’s a good sign the U.S. political landscape is shifting.

Remaining Good Neighbours

July 31, 2011 // Ottawa Citizen - Canada

The incident on the St. Lawrence is a reminder that Canadians and Americans have lived and worked close together for years, to each others' mutual benefit.

Grover Norquist — Obama’s Most Dangerous Opponent

July 31, 2011 // Financial Times Deutschland - Germany - German

The head of the lobbying group Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has the Republican pledge to never raise taxes. He is thereby steering the U.S. to the edge of the abyss. At the high point of Republican President George W. Bush’s popularity in 2003, Grover Norquist traveled to his 25th reunion at Harvard University. [Read more]

Financial Markets Must Think the Unthinkable

July 31, 2011 // Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany - German

A new frontier awaits the world financial markets if the U.S. loses its triple-A rating for the first time since 1941. The Frankfurter Rundschau names four reasons why U.S. President Obama is exaggerating with his warning of threatening “armageddon.” In the U.S., the creditworthiness of the country has [Read more]

Barack Obama, Unfortunate Victim?

July 31, 2011 // die Presse - Austria - German

The “evil” Bush needed eight years to double the debt from $5 trillion to $10 trillion dollars, and the “good” Obama raised it another $4.5 trillion in just two and a half years!

Washington’s Self-Imposed Time Bomb

July 31, 2011 // Financial Times Deutschland - Germany - German

This year, the U.S. debt level might climb to over 100 percent of its GDP. In the view of most economists, the world’s largest national economy has brought this misery upon itself. Here are the reasons for its demise. From the point of view of economists, the misery of the U.S. budget is a problem homemade in [Read more]

The Americans in Default

July 31, 2011 // ArgenPress - Argentina - Spanish

It has been a long time since the United States has found itself in default. The federal public debt is $14 trillion — 100 percent of the GDP, and the fiscal deficit will be more than 10 percent of the national product, in the vicinity of $2 trillion. The calculation of the public debt does not include the federal [Read more]

In Right-Wing Nirvana

July 31, 2011 // Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany - German

The bottom line is that the winner in the fight over the U.S. debt ceiling has long since been determined: America’s right wing dictates, and the nation must obey. The price will be paid mostly by the poor and the low-income workers; nobody in Washington is allowed to ask the upper classes to contribute anything.
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