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November 2011

USA-Pakistan: The Russian Transit

November 30, 2011 // Moskovskie Novosti - Russia - Russian

The United Stated of America, not to mention other NATO countries, is not now ready to wage war against Pakistan. U.S.-Pakistani relations have been strained to the limit after another airstrike was carried out in Pakistan by American helicopters. Pakistan has blocked the cargo transit for NATO forces in Afghanistan [Read more]

Shop Away, Dear Geeks: Black Friday Begins in France!

November 30, 2011 // Le Nouvel Observateur - France - French

<b>A typical American tradition, this day of monster sales has arrived in France. On your mark ...</b> Americans are on the starting block. This Nov. 25, across the ocean, buyer’s fever is going to hit consumers like a typhoon does poor people. Every morning after Thanksgiving, the race for Christmas presents begins [Read more]

Barack Obama: Saved by the Clintons?

November 30, 2011 // La Tribune - France - French

By choosing Hillary Clinton as his running mate, the American president would benefit from the incredible popularity of the former presidential couple. What if the key to Barack Obama's re-election is named Hillary Clinton? Already brought up in the past, the idea of an Obama-Clinton presidential ticket in 2012 was [Read more]

Congress Throws Tomatoes

November 30, 2011 // La Presse - Canada - French

The tomato is a fruit, unless extended to the form of tomato sauce on pizza, in which case it can be counted as a vegetable when served in American school cafeterias. At least, that is what the United States Congress declared last week, after yielding to pressure from the frozen food industry that was lobbying against [Read more]
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