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December 2011

Just an Eyewash

December 30, 2011 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

The US investigation in the fatal Salala attack is plainly just an eyewash. What else could it be, even if granted for argument’s sake, that it was an innocent human error that led up to the assault culminating into the slaughter of our at least 26 unsuspecting soldiers and the wounding of their over a dozen mates.

Iranian Gas

December 30, 2011 // The Nation - Pakistan

The Iranian government is reported to have signed an agreement with the Afghan government under which Tehran has agreed to supply to Kabul one million tons of diesel, petrol and jet fuel annually.

Unbelievable but So Convenient

December 30, 2011 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

Just unbelievable but so convenient. Isn’t it this US investigation report on their criminal fatal aggression on our Salala border posts that it took the NATO officers about 90 minutes to notify their senior commander the “mistake’ and by that time the assault had already stopped?

Obama’s Guerrilla Campaign

December 30, 2011 // Le Figaro - France - French

The president is presidential. While he governs from the White House, in charge of the interests of U.S. citizens, the Republicans deplete themselves in televised debates that will certainly be entered into the record books. Not for their appeal, but for their number (18 since the first on May 5 on Fox News). [Read more]

Does Iran Benefit from US Military Withdrawal?

December 30, 2011 // Xinhua - China - Chinese

<b>On Dec. 18, the U.S. military completely withdrew from Iraq. Analysts claim that the withdrawal of the U.S. Army benefits Iran.</b> America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq exerted significant pressure on Iran’s eastern and western borders. To the east of Iran, there was the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. To its west [Read more]

A Bad End to a Bad War

December 30, 2011 // Le Monde - France - French

<b>Almost nine years after it began, the American invasion of Iraq ends this week. This war has been a disaster.</b> The last soldiers to leave Iraq, those in the 1st Cavalry Division of the 3rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion, leave behind them a country in a sorry state. It will be years before Iraq finds [Read more]

Hillary Clinton is America’s Voice in the World

December 30, 2011 // die Welt - Germany - German

<b>The former contender in the fight for the U.S. presidency now cuts a good figure in the U.S. State Department. She has attitude.</b> One photograph especially represents the past year. It showed the U.S. president and his entourage in the White House situation room as they followed the live broadcast of Osama bin [Read more]
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