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April 2012

Save the American Cat

April 30, 2012 // Zerkalo Nedeli - Ukraine - Russian

Sometimes the situation is reminiscent of the famous joke about the cat that climbed into the refrigerator, and the door closed behind its back. It gradually realizes the full horror of its situation, but it cannot stop, so it eats and eats and eats. Whoever wins this presidential race will face two problems: escaping the refrigerator and putting America on a diet.

The Mysterious Funders of Republicans

April 30, 2012 // Le Figaro - France - French

The trend in democracies for half a century has been to push the notion of political transparency, ensuring that certain interests, contrary to the public good, do not weigh on the elections under cover of anonymity. Or, on the contrary, to ensure that a few super wealthy are not able to control an election. The [Read more]

Tough Times in New York

April 30, 2012 // Altrenotizie - Italy - Italian

New York is a city that boasts the highest concentration of wealth in the nation, perhaps in the entire world while 1 in 5 of its residents struggles to pay the bills at the end of each month.

A Tale of Three Capitals

April 30, 2012 // The Jerusalem Post - Israel

According to recent reports, the US and EU have reconciled themselves to the need to allow Iran to retain some nuclear enrichment capability.
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