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June 2012

Bilderberg Meeting 2012: Everyone not Invited

June 2, 2012 // - Russia

'No wonder Obama refused to go in 2008 to the Normandy memorial services commemorating D-Day June 6, 1944. Sounds like impeachment to me but congress says it will cause black people to riot everywhere. In other words, congress got paid off too.'

The Syria Deadly Blame Game

June 2, 2012 // - Russia

'The United Nations is conducting its own investigation of who exactly is responsible for the bloodshed in the town of Houla. The US and its allies have already assigned responsibility, saying that the Assad government is solely responsible for the violence. A big pile of raspberries to them with their incessant lies.'

Birthers Reborn

June 2, 2012 // The Irish Times - Ireland

'To be fair, the site did not actually claim that Romney is a unicorn, only insisted that he should prove irrefutably that he is not. Just as irrefutably as Barack Obama was being asked by Bennett to prove that he was not born in Africa. Mutatis mutandis.'

The Westernization of Muslim Demographics

June 2, 2012 // Israel Hayom - Israel

The dramatic Westernization of Muslim demographics defies conventional wisdom. It requires the re-evaluation of economic, social and national security assumptions and the re-assessment of related policy.

5+1 Must Get Out of Shadow of AIPAC

June 2, 2012 // Tehran Times - Iran

Iran’s negotiations with six world powers in ‎‎Baghdad ended with a sad and shameful display of ‎the 5+1 group’s subservience to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
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