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June 2012

Obama vs. the Finance-Egomaniacs

June 2, 2012 // Die Tageszeitung - Germany - German

"Apart from the gardens, Barack Obama is pursuing an election strategy that is not as easy to sell as the garden history of the White House."

Reagan as a Relic

June 1, 2012 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

In the future, it may be useful to clone the president that embodied neoliberalism, but in the light of current circumstances, that would not be wise.

China’s Expanding Core Interests

June 1, 2012 // The Korea Herald - South Korea

Indeed, so expansive are China’s claims nowadays that many Asians are wondering what will satisfy China’s desire to secure its “core interests.” Are there no limits, or does today’s China conceive of itself as a restored Middle Kingdom, to whom the entire world must kowtow?

Spy Arrests Fuel Ideological Disputes

June 1, 2012 // The Korea Herald - South Korea

South Korea unveiled two cases of North Korean spies in less than a week, fraying the nerves of opposition politicians who prioritized reconciliation with Pyongyang or even once worked for pro-communist organizations.
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