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November 2013

Who Watches the Watchers?

November 4, 2013 // Khaleej Times - U.A.E.

There was little difference between America’s post-9/11 hysteria that produced the Patriot Act and Germany’s frenzy after the burning down of the Reichstag in 1933.

Power Has Been Abused, but It's 'Well-Intentioned'

November 4, 2013 // L'Opinione - Italy - Italian

The National Security Agency’s spying scandal keeps unfolding. Additional phone tapping has been revealed: 60 million calls in Spain. Also, news is surfacing in Japan about the collaboration of the Tokyo government, which — allegedly — has allowed NSA agents to penetrate the Western Pacific’s communication [Read more]

US Debt

November 4, 2013 // La Razon - Bolivia - Spanish

<b>The US and Its Currency Are Losing Their Characteristic Strength</b> Last week, after some federal offices were massively shut down for over two weeks and uncertainty within international financial markets started to appear, the U.S. Congress reached an agreement to initiate the fiscal year’s budget, which takes [Read more]

Trilateral Meeting for SIx-Party Parley

November 3, 2013 // The JoongAng Ilbo - South Korea

As China pushes for a return to the stalled six-party talks, the United States, Japan and South Korea are scheduled to hold a high-level trilateral meeting on Wednesday in Washington to discuss a response to North Korea and its nuclear program.
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