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November 2013

'Not All Questions Will Be Answered'

November 27, 2013 // El Espectador - Colombia - Spanish

<i>Friday is the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. El Espectador spoke with John Tunheim, the man who presided over the latest commission to gather information about the assassination.</i> “I know it's very difficult to believe that the president of the United States was assassinated by a man [Read more]

When America Believed in Itself

November 26, 2013 // Polityka - Poland - Polish

On Nov. 22, it will have been exactly 50 years since U.S. President John Kennedy was killed in Dallas. There hasn’t been such a popular president since then. He is surrounded by a myth, which is, at the most, half earned. Let’s take an example: Secret military intervention in Cuba was a total failure of politics [Read more]

The West Is Tired and Rudderless

November 26, 2013 // iPolitics - Canada

Many also worry that the retraction of America from the world, but especially in the Middle East, is creating a strategic void that others — the Russians, in particular — are rushing to fill.

Mayor Crack Pipe

November 26, 2013 // die Presse - Austria - German

Canadians are commonly thought of as being weird, nuts or even socialists — at least by their neighbors to the south, who consider their health insurance to be nothing less than the work of Satan.

Nobody Is Forced to Buy German Goods

November 26, 2013 // die Zeit - Germany - German

<i>Criticizing Germany for its export prowess is a bit disingenuous. It's more an indication of America's inability to compete.</i> The German trade surplus reaches ever higher levels month after month. Some of Germany's European neighbors — along with the U.S. — criticize us for that. They demand that Germany [Read more]

John Kerry’s Middle East Tour: A Non-Event

November 26, 2013 // L'Economiste Maghrébin - Tunisia - French

American Secretary of State John Kerry is taking his third trip to the Middle East, to “revive Israel-Palestine peace negotiations,” the State Department declared. In reality, this two-week tour, which started in Istanbul on Nov. 2, will allow him to visit the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. [Read more]
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