President Obama's main problem is not his struggle to implement Obamacare, but the signs of weakness he is projecting abroad. These times call for strong men like General Douglas MacArthur and General George Patton, who if they hadn’t been stopped in their anti-communist efforts against the Chinese and the Soviets, would have saved the U.S. the cost of the Cold War and let the world breathe normally, without the communist strongholds of North Korea and Cuba.

The ruckus countries like Germany are making over the recent U.S. espionage issue would make it difficult for even the strongest of presidents to feel proud of the power he governs.

However, Germany really should have won World War II for Angela Merkel to raise her voice at the country who took down Hitler and then stood up to the Soviet Union so that a federal Germany could even exist. "We want a complete explanation," said the German chancellor, with a disrespect that at other times one would not dared to have shown. This was echoed by the French, who don't have the guts to stop the Muslim advance on Europe and who didn't have the guts to expel the Nazis from Paris, where, if it hadn't been for the people they now accuse of being international spies, they would still be speaking German. But thanks to General Dwight D. Eisenhower's invasion of Normandy by the U.S. armed forces, the language of Charles Aznavour continues to be the language of love.

When Europe was left devastated and in ruins it was thanks to General George Marshall, who became President Harry S. Truman's secretary of state, that the rubble of fascism was swept away. The Marshall Plan injected millions of dollars into Europe, drying their tears of pain and despair. Now that same ancient and magnificent Europe turns on its very benefactors, criticizing their zeal for defending the free world, a repetition of the last century.

Even Brazil, a supposed “second world” country with a dark if not criminal past, puts itself on the same level as the United States while President Dilma Rousseff recently worked to integrate Leninist groups and assassinated Brazilians who did not support Stalinism.

What nation’s system of defense doesn’t include spying at home and abroad? How easily we forget John Edgar Hoover, founder of the FBI, who kept tabs on practically every part of government, including the president. It wasn’t until Kennedy got to the White House that this power decreased.

The United States under Barack Obama will continue to be number one, and you can only be number one if others fear you because they know you control everything. Let Brazil whine, let Germany whine, let France and all the others whine too. The main concern in Washington, capital of the empire, must always be the survival of its people, even if that means spying on the pope himself.