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August 2014

Conveniently Open Wounds

August 31, 2014 // El Mundo - El Salvador - Spanish

Racial wounds will remain open because it’s convenient for activists and the African-American community to keep them that way.

Eliminating Fear

August 31, 2014 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

<i>The atrocious assassination of a journalist reveals the reign of terror imposed by the Islamic State.</i> Following the flood of images and videos posted on the Internet that show the atrocities carried out in Syria and Iraq by radical Islamists, it is hard to believe that one additional video could cause such [Read more]

The Foundation of Western Political Theory Is Shifting

August 31, 2014 // Huanqiu - China - Chinese

Since the global financial crisis, the ideological trend of international political theory has taken a new direction. By paying close attention to these new changes and adopting feasible and practical strategies in response, China’s voice in this discourse, as well as its soft power, can be strengthened. To do so, [Read more]

US Air Strikes in Iraq Show Commitment to Stability

August 31, 2014 // Daily Tohoku - Japan - Japanese

The Obama administration has launched an aerial bombing of Iraq’s Islamic extremist group, the “Islamic State.” However, the United States has also acknowledged that it would be unable to flush out the extremist group with these air strikes. In order for the United States to support the new national unity [Read more]

Luis and the Cursed ‘American Dream’

August 31, 2014 // Siglo 21 - Guatemala - Spanish

Luis was the second of his seven siblings and was charged with taking responsibility for his siblings and parents, which is why he did not hesitate when the opportunity arose to get ahead in the United States. The network of “coyotes” knocked on his parents’ door: “Doña Maria, we offer to take Luis so that [Read more]
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