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January 2016

This Axis of Evil Prisoner of America

January 31, 2016 // Le Temps - Switzerland - French

With the European Union, America and the United Nations about to lift Iran’s sanctions, the Republican candidates for the presidential race see the nuclear power agreement as a surrender to a nation that should never be removed from the Axis of Evil that George W. Bush placed it in in 2002.

Will Waterboarding Be Socially Acceptable Again?

January 31, 2016 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

<i>Nearly all the Republican presidential candidates favor a relaxation of America's ban on torture. If one of them wins the election, the brutal practice will once again become business as usual.</i> The first primary election takes place a week from now in the state of Iowa. By this summer, Democrats and [Read more]

United Against the Elite

January 31, 2016 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

There are many Fleischmanns in the U.S., and many regions like the Catskills — states that coastal dwellers like to call “fly-over” states.

Can an Uninhibited Clown Like Trump Become US President?

January 31, 2016 // Die Presse - Austria - German

Trump, Trump, always Trump. In the U.S. presidential election campaign so far, it's been all about the blonde-haired billionaire with behavioral issues. Donald Trump even dominates a televised debate of Republican candidates when he's not even there. More than once in their discussion, his rivals referred to the [Read more]

On Withdrawal

January 30, 2016 // IPG Journal - Germany - German

How to survive the U.S. elections without Jon Stewart: The U.S. elections are a farce, have always been a farce and will remain forever a farce. They last for a long time — a very long time. Between Donald Trump's opening announcement in early summer 2015 and the actual voting in November 2016, a year and a half [Read more]
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