FBI Director James Comey, fired by Donald Trump, admitted under oath that he secretly passed a note through a friend on to the media that compromises the president. In his column for AIF.ru, political analyst Sergey Markov discusses what’s happening in the U.S.

What’s happening in the U.S. reminds me of the American TV series “House of Cards.” It shows the dirty side of Washington politics—a politics built on lies, threats and bribery. Of course, it’s not without exaggerations (on the show, President Underwood is a cunning manipulator and murderer), but the parallels with reality are striking. In the real America, we also see those who, as on the show, break the law with ease. The role of the intelligence community in the harassment of President Trump is another topic altogether.

Former FBI Director Comey is a liar. He stated under oath that he had “no doubt” that Russia attempted to interfere in the American election. Supposedly hundreds of organizations in the U.S. were attacked by “Russian hackers.” It’s a lie. The intelligence services of the entire West dug and dug and couldn’t dig up a single fact that would prove Russia’s interference in the U.S. election. But why are the CIA, the Pentagon’s military intelligence agency, and others so actively playing the Russian card? They’re trying to save their own skin. Not too long ago, the intelligence agencies were taking part in various shady affairs: they collaborated with Islamists, supported the coup in Ukraine, and so on. They were terribly frightened that Trump would begin to investigate their crimes and bring them to justice. Dozens of high-ranking officials could have gotten 20-30 years in jail. And they decided to destroy Trump politically before he destroyed them.

That’s why such an intense demonization of Russia is necessary; that’s why Trump is being put through impeachment as “the Kremlin’s agent.”* All of this is very dangerous: they might talk themselves into the conclusion that “Russia committed political aggression against the U.S.”* and that they have to fight fire with fire. It’s monstrously irresponsible of the American political class to play political war with Russia, a nuclear superpower, in order to crank out some of its dirty deeds. Only enemies of the American people who have usurped power and are trying to prevent Donald Trump from giving power back to the people could act this way.

*Editor's note: These quotes, accurately translated, could not be verified. In addition, although there is an investigation being made into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, there are impeachment proceedings ongoing against President Trump.