It's old news that I've looked past several times. It was irritating, disgusting or scary to me. Maybe all at once. And which I wish I had already read.

I'm not bringing this to go into the details, of which I will only present a few, so I would like to refer you to the website which first posted this news about the list of 1,200 locations and 1,100 airports in Eastern Europe, the USSR and China that were marked for nuclear destruction. The Strategic Air Command Atomic Weapons Requirements Study for 1959 was a document produced by the Pentagon in 1956 for an eventual conflict that would have erupted in the following three years, which set nuclear attacks on civilians as a military priority!

In Romania, the locations that were to be bombed to bits were the big cities — București , Constanța, Brașov, Cluj, Galați, Arad, Hunedoara and Timișoara — but also medium and small towns like Adjud, Alba Iulia (including Teiuș), Bacău, Baia Mare (including Firiza), Bârlad, Bascov, Buzău, Călărași, Craiova, Cugir (including Orăștie), Dăești, Dărmănești (including nearby drilling rigs – rig 143!), Dej, Focșani, Giurgiu, Lugoj, Mangalia, Medgidia (including Cernavoda and Fetești), Orșova, Petroșani (including Valea Jiului), Sibiu, Sighet, Sinaia, Sulina, Țântăreni and Vlăhuța, etc., so the locations included all the industrial centers, railway nodes, and the river and sea ports of Romania.

For more details, including links to the declassified official documents and to the lists of locations and targets, one can go to Bogdan Herzog's website at*

However, I do bring this up in connection with the question in the headline and for other reasons.

I am trying, but failing, to understand how the U.S. could plan such actions against civilians in cold blood? How could the "brightest power" of the last century have an approach that far surpasses the worst excesses of the Nazis? How could they list some places which, if attacked, would count for about 500 million dead people?

How could they designate as enemies civilians who were held in iron straps by the worst kind of dictators, civilians who were still hoping, at that time, to be freed by the Americans? I remember my grandmother waiting for them even after that.

What kind of people are they? Are they still human? Have they ever been human? Or what? What were they? What are they?

I cannot find proper words to characterize these most evil people in history. There are no words, because there may never have been such dark human beings, people who can no longer be called human.

There will be some who will say, yes, but the Russians probably had something similar, too. And they would have attacked. Maybe they did. You could expect the worst from Communists, as they were horrible people anyway, the bad guys.

But you could not have expected this from those who were the "good guys," the "angels" of the free world, who talked about human rights, humanism, democracy, justice, about a beautiful world of beautiful souls, the righteous, a world of abundance.

And yet, I should not be surprised. The U.S. had already shown itself to be a dark angel of war and destruction, an enemy of humanity, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I write these lines because I think there is no noticeable difference between the America of 1945, 1956 and 2018. It has continued its military operations, wounding and uprooting tens of millions of people. Even now, it continues this macabre game of hell on earth in many places on the planet.

I think it will always be ready to act as it did in 1956.

I also think the U.S. well knows that if the U.S. and NATO continue to provoke war with Russia, we Romanians and the rest of Europe will be the targets of Russian missiles and attacks. According to analysts, some of them American, war is closer than ever before.

*Bogdan Herzog is a Romanian author with a background in international relations.